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If you are anything like me, when I don't understand how an online product / company works, I'm probably not going to try it. Sometimes I tend to make things more difficult than they actually are, and that's how I was before I started using Rocksbox.

I kept seeing bloggers and people all over Instagram showing off their new rocksbox jewelry and finally decided to check it out.

I figured I would break the process down in the simplest of steps, all so you can see what a great thing rocksbox really is!

1. Go to +Rocksbox on Instagram, or simply go to

2. Sign up - Rocksbox is $19/month for the newest designer jewelry. Each set has 3 pieces of jewelry.

You keep your rocksbox set for as long as you want, when you're done, send it back and you'll receive your new set ASAP.
(Here's where you're lucky though! I have a code for when you sign up that you get your first month FREE - code is at the bottom of this page)

3. While signing up, you can make your 'WishList' which just helps your provided Stylist get an idea of your style. 

4. You can return your box at anytime and as often as you'd like.

5. If you LOVE a piece, you can keep it. For example, a Kendra Scott necklace that's originally $60.00, you can get it at your 'Membership Price' which is usually just $10-$15.
Again, that is only if you want to keep it for life, if not, you can send the full set back!

6. You do have to have a valid credit card on your account at all times considering it is a subscription based purchase.

7. You have a profile that where you can update your WishList and you always receive a personalized note from your stylist in each set.

Overall, I highly recommend Rocksbox. I get to mix up my jewelry that I pair with each outfit every month instead of the same old pieces over and over.  My favorite thing is that each piece is picked out based on what YOU like, not what someone else likes.

If you have yet to try Rocksbox, sign up using MY code: chloemilonxoxo - for your first month completely FREE!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment and let me know and I'd be happy for help out!

Below is some pictures of my latest Rocksbox Set:

Loren Hope Bracelet
Sophia Harper Simple Necklace
Kendra Scott Earrings

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