The Way Back Home

Another busy week
Guaranteed unfamiliar faces everyday
A simple smile in a line waiting for coffee
Strange looks and the same question asked, “Where are you from?”
My accent is strong
I answer politely because that’s how my momma raised me
I can go weeks without going back,
Days pass and I keep busy
But when the weekend of the month comes,
When I’m free of work
Free of homework and exams
I begin to feel anxious
A good kind of anxious
The drive starts out fast paced
But then time starts to slow down once again
Less cars pass by
Sometimes feeling as if I’m the only person in the world
Coming up in the distance
I start to see them
The mountains where I am from
They hold the memories of my life
And each time I re-enter
They all come back to me at once
This is where I took my first steps
Where I had my first kiss
Where high school basketball is taken very seriously
Where bonfires were the cool place to be on Friday nights after football games
Where I first fell in love
Where rumors could spread like wildfire
But if tragedy ever hit,
We could come together
We become family
I can roll the windows down now,
Have to slow down for the railroad tracks
And the same old stop lights
I begin to see familiar faces
There’s fresh air
A warm breeze
One lane winding road
The trees, closer together, as if they’re hugging me
Swaying like they’re waving ‘hello, welcome back to us’
Granny and Papaws cabin is getting closer
I hear all my little cousins’ laughter
Kentucky basketball game on the T.V.
Card games being played
A hot home cooked meal
Sweat pants and t-shirts
No judgements being made
It's so loud but no one seems to mind
It's chaos
God, I am so thankful for this chaos

I am home again
Even if just for a moment
Soon, my life will be filled up with new
New cities
New places
New people
New sounds
But nothing will compare
Or hold my heart
Or even my soul

Like those mountains
I am home
No matter how far I go in this world
I will always know the way back home

"I Complained this Morning.."

This is such a profound concept to me.    I had been coasting for years.  I was here physically, but vacant in every other sense:  emotionally numb, spiritually broken and just generally disinterested.  Upon finding legitimate love and becoming a mother, I've become a stronger and more sensitive person.  For the first time in my life, I am present.  <3:
I complained this morning. I got out of my bed that’s a full size. I thought of how I wished it was a king size. I stumbled through my messy room thinking “I wish I could hire someone to clean this. I’m always just so busy.” I thought about how tired I was from work the day before and how I dread class today. I grabbed my water bottle that I fill up daily, jumped into my car and rushed to class. I complained about the weather and how tired I am of the cold. “I need a new coat that’s bigger and warmer if I’m going to have to walk that far to class on campus.” I mumbled. Class was boring. The professor talked a lot about subjects I already knew of. A girl and I whispered about how we wished we could just go ahead and leave. My thoughts were set on how I need to hurry and complete some homework for an online class. I got to the nearest Starbucks (for the free WiFi), sat down with my coffee and Thai-styled chicken wraps that caught my eye at the counter. I paid with a gift card my boss had provided a few days earlier. I got on my computer and it was a little slow as usual, because “it’s an HP, not an apple computer” I thought. God, I need a new computer so bad (even though this one is perfectly fine). But then I noticed an elderly man limp inside the store. His left leg must have been hurt at some point in time. He had raggedy dirty clothes on and long, untrimmed nails. Seemingly homeless. He placed some change down at the other end of the long table I was sitting at. Having my headphones in of course, I didn’t catch the first part of the conversation, but I noticed another man, mid-50’s, come over and talk to the homeless man about something. The second man walked to the counter and got into line waiting to place an order. While he was in line, one of the workers brought over some food for the man. Nothing big, but it was something. It was on the house I assumed and the elderly man seemed to be very gracious. The other man came back and handed the elderly man some cash privately and spoke of how he’s alive and healthy, to be thankful for what he has. That at 60 something years old, he’s still alive and well, to cherish that. I looked over at the man being kind to the homeless man and smiled, he then noticed I had been listening and gave me a nod, “Life’s a gift, isn’t it?” He asked. Instead of answering, I paused. How can I sit and tell this man yes when I have been so ungrateful all day. As I watched the raggedy jacket, long nailed, dirty faced man limp out of the store my eye watered up. I couldn’t help but to be so angry at myself for all the negative thoughts I had. Here I am, always talking about being positive yet I found myself wrapped in negativity all day without really noticing that I was acting this way at all. Sure, they were mostly just thoughts in my own head that I didn’t speak aloud, but still, I took a day for granted. And none of it was what I should’ve been thinking. I thought back of how I have a warm bed to go rest in tonight, but will this man even have a roof over his head later? My coat that isn’t ‘warm enough’ was relatively new, but this mans was torn and old. In that moment, I no longer thought of how it was ‘too cold’ to walk to class, or how I needed a ‘new’ laptop. I’m just thankful to have all these things. To be walking with two perfectly fine legs, to have the opportunity to go to class and learn something, to get an education, to have a job, to have food in my belly, and clean water to drink. I don’t know where the man goes, what he does, or what he’s been through, but I do know that the next time I wake up, I’ll no longer think of how ‘bad I have it’. Only of how grateful I am to live this glorious, adventure-filled life and to have the ability to truly live each day in a positive, gracious way. So, I complained this morning. Did you?


Sweet vs Spicy - Valentine's Day Look

February is the month of romance all thanks to Valentine's Day. It's approaching us pretty quickly and we have to be ready for that special night out. Whether that means going on a romantic date with a significant other, or that you're single and going out on the town with your girlfriends! Either way, the right outfit is a must.

I've been really into wearing white these last few months, not sure why but I'm loving it.

I put together two different outfits for two different types of dates for if you're feeling sweet or spicy. Both for super reasonable prices too!

If you're going out with your bf/gf to a nice romantic dinner, here's the perfect sweet and girly outfit.

Tip: You can match this look with a bright hot pink lip to set off the sequins.

And if you're feeling a little more feisty, or going out with your girl friends...there's this spicy white and red look

Tips: Pulling your hair all the way up or push is all back looks awesome with this romper.  You can dress it up more with some arm candy too!

Regardless to who and where you're spending this Valentine's Day, make sure you get yourself up and go out! Don't lay around feeling sorry for yourself if you don't have a bf/gf, dress hot and wear crazy shoes, buy all the vday candy and be happy. That's what life is all about hahah


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