Say Goodbye to the Past

"My mama always said you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on." -Forest Gump

Those are actually some pretty wise words honestly. It’s hard to say goodbye to things in life, whether it be to a person or a thing. I don’t ever remember anyone telling me that goodbyes were going to be an easy task BUT, I do know that sometimes it’s simply for the best. As human beings, we tend to cling to the things we’re used to - such as a familiar place, a person, or taking comfort in where we are in life. While that’s not always necessarily a bad thing, it’s not always a good thing, either.
I’ve found over the years that repeating the past will only bring you the same outcome as it once did. You can’t expect to get anywhere in life by replaying the same part over and over. I decided it's time
to let go of some things:

Holding on to a grudge truly gets you nowhere in life. Sure, if it was something that happened three days ago, it might be little harder to let go of. But if you still hate the girl in high school who kissed your ex, ex, ex, EX-boyfriend, it’s probably time to let that go. Don’t fill yourself with negativity from the past, you’re a new and improved you!  Holding onto things like that will only set you back and keep you down.

Believing someone will change because you want them to
I am a firm believer in thinking everyone can change… but only IF they want to. No one in this world will change just because YOU want them to. You can’t force that to happen and it’s not in your hands. You can always wish / hope / pray for them to change their bad habits or lifestyles, but if they don’t want to change it for themselves, the fact of the matter is, they won’t.

Past mistakes
We all have things we regret and want to undo, even if we say stuff like we’re ‘living life with no regrets.’ But see, past mistakes cannot be undone and the sooner you realize that, the better of you’ll be. It’s impossible!  Taking the past back can’t happen, even as badly as we wish it could. What CAN be done though, is to stop repeating it. You made the mistake, learn from it. Know that you were at a rough spot in life and that it's okay. It doesn’t have to happen again if you don’t let it. 

P.S. – anyone who acts like your past mistakes define you, clearly needs to take a few steps back and good, long look in the mirror. I promise you that they’ve made mistakes too. Last time I checked, we have all done some pretty freakin’ messed up stuff, but I’m almost positive that’s exactly what makes us human. 

So say goodbye to it. To the mistakes, the grudges, to believing you can fix everyone, to the mess ups and the let downs. Say goodbye to every single thing that is holding you back from living a happy life. You can be 100% in control of yourself and your life, but only if you believe you can.

maybe that's what happened to your haven't let go of the past and you've been dragged across the pavement for years...:

Cozy & Comfy look

Sadly, the holidays are over and it's back to reality. Work, class, or both *sighs*. If you're anything like me, you may or may not have totally ate everything possible while we were on winter break.  Causing us to gain a little more, fluff... hahah, no shame in my game though. Spinach dip and red velvet balls are life. Anyways, most everyone is usually determined to make 'getting fit' a New Year's resolution. It's easier said than done though, and working out is a long process. Losing weight doesn't happen over night and that's totally okay. But, it's not like the extra fluff is going to be comfy in our 'pre-christmas dinner' jeans and tops that we easily fit in before. Which brings me to this awesome outfit and how it completely fixes all the problems of 'post-christmas' fluff.

For one, this outfit is so freakin' comfy - yassssss comfort. Love. I legit would sleep in this.... I mean, if I actually wore pants to sleep in (who does though, really? big t-shirts fo lyfe)   Second of all, it's really adorable. Like, you could go to almost anywhere in this and not be under-dressed even though it feels like you're in PJ's which is aweeesomeeee. And third, I didn't freeze to death wearing it. Most of my cute outfits are not winter friendly at all, but this one is! 

Point is, if you're needing some comfort at work while you get over the fact that the break is officially over, then an outfit like this is perfect.

Where I got it:

(pictures taken with my phone - camera wasn't charged, sorry for the quality!!)

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Home Remedy for Sore Throat

Ever since I was young, I tend to catch every cold coming and going. Especially when the winter months come along, I immediately get the typical 'runny nose / sore throat' duo. I'm really not one for taking medicine unless completely necessary and hate going to a doctors office. So, usually I am stuck toughing it out, (along with lots of complaining, oops) UNTIL last month when I was at my Grandma's house, she told me about a simple home remedy to try out. Hot honey lemon tea!

At first, I thought it would help but didn't expect it to completely heal my throat within two days. Now, some of you probably are thinking "obviously this works" or you've heard about this home remedy for years. But honestly a lot of people in my generation don't have any idea what home remedies to use and for what! 

I still had the runny nose for a little while, but the sore throat seriously only last about two days, if even that long.

Here's all you need:

  • boiling water
  • tea bag
  • spoonful of honey
  • lemon
  • dash of cinnamon  
  • Bad a** inspirational mug like mine (not necessary but helps brighten up a Monday)
S/O to my Granny Shannon! Love you


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