Casual + Chic Fall Look

Since we’re approaching the colder weather months, I decided to invest in a new poncho! I love neutral colors so this combination is perfect for still looking chic all while staying warm.

| Poncho - Old Navy | Boyfriend fit jeans - Forever 21 | Nude heels - Candies Brand | Jewelry - Forever 21 & Lauren Conrad | Purse - Steve Madden |

By the end, I had to show the real me hahaha

Antique Furniture Shopping

 Shopping for furniture can be extremely expensive when you’re re-decorating or moving into a new place. I’ve always hated buying something as simple as a night-stand or table, for $500 dollars and it’s straight from a store. I like to have something that has a history. I’m really into the vintage look with a touch of modern to give it an updated style. Antiquing to me, is picking something out that has a past and then giving it a piece of your own style to keep it up-to-date. It’s also a fun way to spend time with a friend that enjoys it too, or in my case, to spend time with my parents. They love doing this kind of stuff. 
Here’s some of the projects I’ve been working on recently! *look over the messy garage*

A coffee table: I don’t have a before picture, but it was already black. Just giving it a fresh coat of paint because I love black furniture anyways! Only $12.00 compared to $200+ for a similar style.

Lamp:  It was painted an out of date blue color, we repainted it this color to match the kitchen/living room items and tie them together. Bought it for $5.00! Now it just needs a pretty lamp shade to give it the final touch. (ignore my little fur ball puppy in the background lol)

Photo Board: Got this for $14.00! Going to paint the word ‘family’ in black or maybe the color of the lamp.

Chairs: Having a balcony at my townhouse, you must have cute chairs to sit in and drink coffee in the morning (at least I do!) Instead of buying a patio/outdoor set, I got these chairs for only $3.00 apiece!! They’re really sturdy and heavy, so they won’t blow away with strong winds like most of the newer ones you’ll purchase today will. I haven’t decided what color to re-do them yet! I definitely don’t like the red though.

And now for my favorite item so far……
Record Player: The living room has been needing something different to give it a more ‘homey’ feel. Finding this for only $45.00 was perfect enough for me! It's still dusty and needs cleaned up. Going to paint it an off white (sounds weird but I’ve seen this stuff on Pinterest lol) I love music obviously, so this really makes me sooo excited to have in the house! Can’t wait to buy some records! ALSO if you know what year this is by any chance, I would love to know. I've googled and searched just because I'm curious, but had no luck.

Check back here to see what all of the finished products look like in the house soon!! 

Feel free to share your creative ideas with me and let me know what color you think I should paint the chairs by commenting or emailing me: !!

                                                                                                Yours truly,
                                                                         Chloé Milon
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